travelwedo said: Hey, thanks so much for putting this together! It's very nice to listen to without having to go through a twitter thread, which is a nightmare.

Thanks!  That was the idea of this blog.  Apologies for the slow/absent updates lately..  Things have been busy, and my co-mod has been busy as well.  We hope to update the rest of the songs very soon.

Thank you all for following and for your patience!  Please enjoy past songs in the meantime and let us know if something doesn’t work anymore.  Happy Holidays!

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luhey said: Hello, sorry to bother, but the link to “Lemonworld", by The National is broken.

Thank you for the notice.  I have fixed the post.

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ingeniumeloquentiae said: Did you go on hiatus?

I have been busy the past couple of months, and I had trouble uploading audio files for awhile during that time, but I will catch up when I can (posting the next song now that uploading finally works for me).  Thanks for your patience!

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lyssissherlocked said: the link to We will wait by Mumford and Sons is broken. :( Can you fix it?

Hi, thanks for letting me know!  It’s been fixed.

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sally-interrupted said: i really don't want to trouble you, but there was a song tom recommended that was like hardcore rap, and i just thought it was pretty funny. but i'm not sure what it is, could you please tell me. you don't have to trouble yourself if you don't know what it is. but i would be very grateful, thank you!

Hmm, I’m not sure what’s considered hardcore rap, but he did recommend Eminem here.

There’s also one by The Prodigy here.

Anyone else have any other ideas?

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lokisfairmaiden said: I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your great work. Your site is basically open all the time when I am alone at the office. Thank you so much for doing this! ♥

I’m glad to hear you enjoy this blog.  Thank you for your kind message! :)

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batmanaintapeasant said: Thank you for your work here! Sometimes I leave open your page and listen to Hiddlesmusic while I'm doing other things :) It's cool!

Aw, so glad to hear you all enjoying the blog. :)

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theinsanepainter said: it so fantastic tumblr! :D

Thanks very much! :D

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because-fucking-hiddles said: hey love :) would you follow me back? i love your dash!! <3

Thanks!  But I don’t follow back because this is not my primary blog.

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loverlyundecidedmusicalmuggle said: just wanted to say thank you for taking time our of your day to be keeping us up to date with hiddles SOTD.

You’re welcome!  Happy to share the Hiddles SOTD :)

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treblesome said: Hi! I'm not sure if you get this question a lot or not (and I'm sorry for asking again if you do) but do you know anywhere we can download all of Tom's Songs of the Day, like in a zip file or something?

Hi, I have been asked this a number of times before.  I don’t provide download links, but I am aware others have done so.  This has a link to a post for 40 of Tom’s recent song recommendations, but I am not sure if there is a more recent one.

If anyone knows of a more recent compilation, I’d be grateful if you could pass it along, and I will share it here.  Thanks! :)

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vanillaicecreamncoffee said: Your blog looks good the music at the background:D!!!! I always sorry, terrible English T_T but seriously thank you.

You’re welcome and thank you so much!  No worries, I can understand! :D

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dontb-lievethehype-deactivated2 said: I love ur blog it seems like you put a lot of hard work into it. Also where do you find all of these songs bc some of them I can't find anywhere :/

Thanks!  I find many songs on YouTube and some are on SoundCloud/Spotify. :)  Occasionally, I already have some of the songs.

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guiltyfandompleasures said: You deserve all the awards.

Thanks <3

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imveronicabelle said: this is one genius idea. great job!

Thanks very much!

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